Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Dear Lightfoot Families, 

As we prepare for another school year after experiencing many changes due to the pandemic, we will be experiencing more changes due to the construction project. In addition, there are still guidelines from the Department of Public Health that limit what we are able to do for on-campus activities which will be outlined in a separate letter. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the arrival and dismissal procedures. 

Construction Related Changes

The construction project will take up the right lane that we would typically use for pick-up and drop-off. For this school year, drivers will only use the left lane to drop off their students. We will have a single drop-off all along the yellow curb which would usually be two separate drop-off zones. This will provide a larger space to drop off now that we are down to one lane. It will be very important to follow the direction of staff and pull forward as much as possible before having your child(ren) enter or exit the vehicle so the line of traffic does not prematurely stop. Continue to pull forward around the loop to exit the parking lot. Be aware of the crossing lane at the north end of the parking lot.

1st - 5th Grade Families


The students must be dropped off in front of the school. Volunteers and parents are not permitted to be on campus per the Department of Public Health’s guidelines. Once the students arrive on campus they will be directed to the playground area where they will line up on their class’ line (similar to previous years). Students can be dropped off when we will being supervision at 7:55 AM.


The students will be directed to the front of the school to meet their parents, ride their bike, or walk home at 2:45 PM (1:15 on Minimum Day Mondays). The area in front of the school will be very limited due to the fence around the construction area. It is always a good idea to talk through your plan with your student prior to the first day of school. Students and Parents are encouraged to arrange a location on campus that is not greatly impacted by the construction. These areas include the south lawn by the parking lot entrance or in the north lawn near the corner of Victoria Park and Kenyon Way. 

Kindergarten Families

Due to the large number of Kindergarten students and our concern for your child’s safety, we our reminding all K parents about the Kindergarten Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure at the 11:25 a.m. arrival/dismissal time.

AM Kindergarten Pick-up:

Only licensed Day Care providers can pick-up A.M. Kindergartners curbside. They may do so at the north end of the parking lot, in front of the MPR. All other A.M. Kindergartners must be picked up in the playground. Parents are not permitted to park in the drop-off or pick-up areas (yellow and red curbs). By parking at the curb, this blocks the flow of traffic and the other parents or day care providers trying to drop off or pick-up their children. It is advised for parents picking-up morning Kindergartners to park off campus or in a DESIGNATED parking space.

P.M. Kindergarten Drop-off:

Students can only be dropped off in the drop-off lane and walk to the KG gate. Do not park or leave your car in any lane or traffic circles. This disrupts the flow of traffic and the other parents trying to drop off their Kindergartner. It is advised if you wish to walk your child to the Kindergarten playground gate, please park off campus or in a designated parking space.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. We are very concerned about the safety of your children and would like all parents to follow these drop-off/pick-up procedures.

Thank you, The Kindergarten Staff