Parking Lot Information

Please review the KG drop off and Pick up Procedures….. We will have a proctor on duty to assist with the flow of traffic.

Due to the large number of Kindergarten students and our concern for your child’s safety, we our reminding all K parents about the Kindergarten Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure at the 11:25 a.m. arrival/dismissal time.

AM Kindergarten Pick-up:

Only licensed Day Care providers can pick-up A.M. Kindergartners curbside. They may do so at the north end of the parking lot, in front of the school office. All other A.M. Kindergartners must be picked up at the classroom. Parents are not permitted to park in the drop-off or pick-up areas (yellow and red curbs). By parking at the curb, this blocks the flow of traffic and the other parents or day care providers trying to drop off or pick-up their children. It is advised for parents picking-up morning Kindergartners to park off campus or in a DESIGNATED parking space.

P.M. Kindergarten Drop-off:

Students can only be dropped off in the lane closest to the school and walk to the KG gate. Please do NOT drop your Kindergartner from the other lane, because the child will need to cross a flowing lane of traffic to get to the sidewalk. Do not park or leave your car in any lane or traffic circles. This disrupts the flow of traffic and the other parents trying to drop off their Kindergartner. It is advised if you wish to walk your child to the Kindergarten playground gate, please park off campus or in a designated parking space.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. We are very concerned about the safety of your children and would like all parents to follow these drop-off/pick-up procedures.

Thank you, The Kindergarten Staff